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Do you participate in JCAHO audits?

Do you have an idea of how much time your staff spend preparing for and participating in the audit process?

Would it save you time and improve the audit if you could have a list of cases that complied 100% with Joint Commission standards?

Do you know how each member of your staff, including physicians, conforms to the current standards?

Would it be beneficial for you to know the performance of your facility by department and type of care?

We have a software package that will give you all this information. It is called Closed Case Review. Our software package tracks each joint commission standard by individual case. Each case can have a different Attending, Operative, and Mental Health physician. Our software provides for virtually unlimited reporting of your facility’s performance in following JCAHO standards. When you are preparing for your next audit, you can generate a report showing charts with 100% compliance with practically no effort at all.

We are offering this software with 90 days of free telephone support for only $1995. For a limited time we are offering free upgrades for one year to give you the benefit of any improvements we make, and assuring you that if someone finds a weakness in our software, your copy will be upgraded without the need for you to find the same weakness.

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