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New Name, New Board, New Focus

The former Roswell Area Cultural Affairs Council (RACAC) proudly announces its new name: RIO - Roswell InterArts Organization. With our new name comes a new mission statement, new board of directors, and new ideas and projects. We hope that you will support us in our many endeavors to integrate art, in all forms, into the Roswell community.

What We’re Up to At RIO

Toni Pemberton and Nancy Fleming are working with Bonnie Bitzer, CPA to complete the registration of RIO as a 501(c)3 organization. This will enable donors to claim a charitable tax deduction for their gifts to RIO.

Sue Wink, the artist selected for the Brainerd Plaza public art project, is here and living at the Artist in Residence Compound. Sue is in the process of finalizing her drawings, the city is finalizing her contract, and RIO is finalizing plans for a Welcome to Roswell party. Sue hopes to begin work on the project in November.

RIO board meetings are held the third Monday of every month at 6:00 pm at the Roswell Adult Center, 807 N. Missouri. Our next three meetings are scheduled for October 21, November 18, and December 16. Each meeting includes a short presentation by a board member about her/his involvement in the arts. Please join us!

The biggest news is that RIO hopes to become the license holder of a translator for KHFM, a classical radio station in Albuquerque. This would provide twenty-four hour classical music to Roswell. We plan to begin fundraising efforts after the first of the year. If you wish to help bring classical music to Roswell, call Nancie Dominic at 624-0035.

New Membership Drive

Since RACAC has become RIO, several changes are in the works. One is our membership term. The RIO membership year will run from January 1 through December 31 to coincide with our fiscal year. As a result, membership renewals will now be due in January. Our annual membership drive and meetings will reflect this change.

What this means for you is that you may now join RIO, pay the regular annual fee, and begin your membership right now. That means you get fifteen months of membership for the price of twelve. Membership benefits include:

Attendance at all RIO Board Meetings

Arts Along the Rio Newsletter

Recognition in RIO publications

Advance notice of RIO events

Lots more we’ll tell you about later

Isn’t it time you and your family joined RIO to help bring art to our community every day. Simply clip the coupon below, add your check, and mail to RIO, P.O. Box 2271, Roswell, New Mexico 88202.

Become a Classy RIO Donor

As you read on the previous page, RIO plans to become the license holder for a translator station for KHFM. This Albuquerque station provides twenty-four hour classical music and can now be heard via translators in Ruidoso, Raton, Santa Fe, and Conchas Lake. KHFM provides programs such as the Wall Street Journal Report, Classics for Kids, and a statewide arts calendar.

In order to bring KHFM to Roswell, RIO needs your help. An organized fund drive is in the planning stages, and we need people to work with us to set goals, determine fundraising events, obtain donations, and generally shepherd the radio station through the process that makes a great idea a reality. RIO will also accept monetary pledges for the radio station. Pledges will be redeemed in 1997.

To help, please clip the coupon below, complete it, and mail to RIO, P.O. Box 2271, Roswell, New Mexico 88202. With your help, the Roswell InterArts Organization will be able to provide twenty-four hour classical radio to our community

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