Manufacturing Engineering Consulting

Background: Manufacturing Engineering management

Experience: Built a new factory for Coleman and managed a robotic automation firm

Strengths: Project management and people development

My most rewarding experiences have been developing people. I believe people do their best when they are challenged. The main job of a manager is to give their people responsibility, then assuring they succeed.

There are two areas I am particularly interested in:

  1. Many times a firm has someone internal they would like to promote when they have a vacancy, but go outside to gain a more experienced individual. The outside individual lacks knowledge of the operation of the particular business. I would like to work with firms who want to give the opportunity to the inside person, utilizing my experience on a consulting basis to assure they succeed.
  2. When a firm plans to build a new factory, or introduce a new product line into their process, they often lack the experience needed internally. By utilizing a consultant experienced in these areas to work with their people, they can assure a successful project while their internal people gain experience in project management.

These are not limitations, but areas I find rewarding.

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