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Is your information system one big puzzle?

What's the problem?

Most software packages are under-utilized or improperly applied. Many applications require custom programming. Sometimes the trouble is poor training or incompatible hardware. Whatever it is, we'll diagnose your problem and prescribe the cure.

Information, PLEASE!

Are you generating meaningless reports? Are you spending hundreds of hours producing mountains of uselesss numbers? You tell us exactly the critical information you require and we'll write custom programs or adapt existing software to easily produce it.

HELP WANTED: Rocket Scientist

Some packages are so complex, they baffle even the most clever of us. No one can make them work. That's discouraging. It lowers morale and wastes precious time. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure things out. It takes Information By Design.

The 100% solution

Information systems work only as well as the people who use them. That's why we provide comprehensive written documentation, thorough on-site instruction and even custom training videos to make sure you get everuthing you want from your system.

Take it from the PROs

You probably aren't a computer scientist or an information specialist. We are. We have developed systems and developed software for our clients. We have worked with every imaginable system and software. We have the experience and expertise to solve the toughest information puzzle.

We can solve the puzzle, no matter how complex.

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