UFO Encounter '97 Facts
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Roswell, New Mexico USA

UFO Encounter '97 Facts

Excerpt From IUFOMRC (Int’l UFO Museum & Research Center) Monthly Newsletter
January 25, 1997

The city of Roswell is making preparations for a spectacular anniversary party Roswell UFO Encounter '97: The 50th Anniversary of the UFO Crash! Finally, the Roswell UFO Encounter committee has released information relating to the plans that are underway for this celebration. First, we want to explain the Museum's relationship with the Encounter Committee. As consultants, the Museum was asked to be a part of the committee since its organization in 1994. The Executive Board members have taken a very small part in the past Roswell UFO Encounters, primarily as a consulting body. In planning the Roswell UFO Encounter '97 Anniversary celebration, the Museum was asked to act as consultants in selecting, contacting and organizing the speakers and the UFO conference. We were honored and pleased to contribute in this selection process. The Encounters committee is made up strictly of volunteers that are interested in creating tourism for Roswell...they have reached that goal through Roswell UFO Encounter '95 and '96, and with the interest evident this year, that goal will be reached through Roswell UFO Encounter '97. Following is a brief explanation of the July 1-July 6 plans!

Roswell UFO Encounter '97: The 50th Anniversary of the UFO Crash will begin on Tuesday, July 1, with a UFO Film Festival. The entries will include short films from professionals and amateur film makers. The Film Festival will conclude on Wednesday, July 3 with an Awards Program. The evening of July 2 will provide the first of seven performances by the Roswell Community Little Theater of "Ezekiel's Wheel." This is a one-act play written by John Rosenberg. With primarily two actors, this play sets the scene for a young reporter intent on interviewing Ezekiel about his vision--thought to be one of the first sightings of an unidentified flying object! Spattered with humor and information, visitors will be provided with four evening performances, July 2,3,4 and 5 with matinees on July 3, 4 & 5.

The whirlwind of events really gets started on July 3. The UFO Expo, and trade-show featuring UFO and extraterrestrial items, opens at the Roswell Convention & Civic Center. This Expo will continue through noon on Sunday, July 6.

The UFO Conference also begins on Wednesday, July 3 and continues through Sunday, July 6. Tickets to the lectures will be sold at the door of New Mexico Military Institute's Pearson Auditorium. Individual lecture tickets are priced at $10.00 Packages of three lectures will be offered for $25.00, six lecture tickets $50.00, nine lecture tickets $75.00, and twelve lecture tickets for $100.00. Tickets will not be sold until July 2, 1997 on location. Lectures will begin at 9:00 a.m...., allowing 90 minutes for each lecture, and a 30 minute break period. The actual lecture spots have not been scheduled at this time. A complete schedule will be mailed to all members of the International UFO Museum. As the Museum was responsible for the organization of this conference we are proud to announce the following speakers. Those speakers who are negotiating contracts are:
Don Schmitt - Roswell Investigator/Author
Linda Moulton Howe - Author/Cattle Mutilation Researcher/Assoc. Art Bell
Paul Davids - Exec. Producer "Roswell" / Investigator of government conspiracies
Michael Lindemann - Investigator UFO Phenomenon/Author
Erich von Daniken- Archaeologist/Author "Chariots of the Gods" plus 21 other books/Investigator of early extraterrestrial existence
Stanton Friedman -Investigator Roswell Incident/Author
Lance Strong Eagle Crawford -Native American beliefs of Extraterrestrial life forms
John Hunter Gray -Native American connections to Extraterrestrials

Those speakers who have verbally confirmed:
Whitley Strieber -Author/Abductee
Dr. John Mack -Author/Investigator of Abduction
Bud Hopkins -Author/Investigator of Abduction
Robert Dean -UFO Witness/lecturer

One additional special feature will fill the morning of Sunday, July 6. We have been working with William Shatner and Don Schmitt for a special performance. Contracts have yet to be signed, but verbal commitments have been made. Ticket prices for this lecture will be announced upon contract completions.

The Roswell UFO Encounters Committee set out to provide a "family" festival for attendees of the Roswell UFO Encounters. Throughout the week, many different activities will be on-going, all produced by different organizations throughout the community. The Roswell Parks and Recreation Department will be overseeing the children's activities, carnival games, and possibly a laser-tag tournament. The Roswell Art Museum will, once again, be showing off their own type of fashion--the Annual Alien Costume Contest is always a hit. All age groups are welcome, from toddlers up through adults. The past years have featured over 200 different costumes. The Roswell Jaycees have already started on the "Show-Craft" for the event they organize--the non- motorized spaceship building contest- "The 1997 UFO Crash & Burn Extravaganza!"

Roswell is fortunate to have the Robert H. Goddard Planetarium. The managers of this facility will be providing laser-shows throughout the entire week of the festival. This production of lights and music will thrill those of any age! With shows available five times every day, you, too will have the opportunity to be impressed, not only by the show, but by the planetarium itself.

Track Marketing of New York, and John Brower-Entertainment Producer have been working on production of a major music show in conjunction with Roswell UFO Encounter '97. This all- night concert is scheduled for July 5, and will be located on the outskirts of Roswell. The tickets will be sold by Ticketmasters, not the Roswell UFO Encounter Committee. An added benefit of this concert is that a major television network is in contract negotiations to produce a three-hour network special "Live From Roswell" that will feature takes from events throughout the week, as well as show casing the UFO Conference. The upcoming festivities are good for Roswell--and truly, the International UFO Museum reaps gigantic benefits from this type of exposure. Truth be told, the IUFOMRC has become a powerhouse for, not only the city of Roswell, but the United States. For information on any of the events, call (505)623-7733


7/ 1, TUES 7/ 2, WED 7/3, THU 7/4, FRI 7/5, SAT 7/6, SUN  
  TS Vendors/setup TS Vendors TS-Vendors ALIEN CHASE

TS Vendors

    Speaker #1 Speaker #6 Speaker #11   9:00 AM
Laser Show Laser Show Trade Show open

Laser Show

Trade Show Open

Laser Show

Trade Show Open

Laser Show

Crash & Burn

Trade Show Open

Laser Show

10:00 AM
          Sci-Fi Speaker/


11:00 AM
Laser Show Laser Show Laser Show Laser Show Laser Show Laser Show 12:00 PM
UFO Film Fest. UFO Film Fest. UFO Fim Fest.

Speaker #2

UFO Film Fest Awds

Speaker #7

Speaker #12   1:00 PM
Laser Show Laser Show Laser Show


Laser Show


Laser Show


Laser Show 2:00 PM
    Speaker #3

Quilt Lecture/Art


Speaker #8 Speaker #13   3:00 PM
            4:00 PM
    Speaker #4 Speaker #9 Speaker #14   5:00 PM
TS Close

Laser Show

TS Close

Laser Show

Costume Contest

Laser Show

TS Close

Laser Show

TS Close

Laser Show

TS Close

Laser Show

6:00 PM
  RCLT Play Speaker #5




Speaker #10

Speaker #15


  7:00 PM
Laser Show Laser Show Laser Show Laser Show Laser Show, CONCERT


Laser Show 8:00 PM
    Golf Tourney       9:00 PM


as of 4/4/97 ALL rooms in Roswell were Booked!


Spring River Estates & RV Park 1000 E. College 505-623-8034

Town & Country Mobile Estates 333 W. Brasher Rd 505-624-1833

Trailer Village Campgrounds 1706 E. 2nd 505-623-6040

Bottomless Lakes Nat’l Wildlife Refuge 12 Miles East of Roswell HWY 380 505-624-6058

A map of public lands available for camping can be purchased for $4.00 from the Bureau of Land Management, Roswell Resource Area, (505)627-0272, 2909 West Second Street, Roswell, NM 88201.

The Eastern NM State fairgrounds will also be opened up for RV parking. Reservations can be made by calling 505-623-9411.



Avis Rent A Car 800-831-2847

Lone Star Airlines 800-877-3932

Enterprise Rent-A-Car 800-325-8007

Mesa Airlines 800-637-2247

Hertz Rent A Car 800-654-3131

National Car Rental Interrent 505-347-2323

Western Automobile Rental 505-624-0127


Lone Star Airlines 800-877-3932

Mesa Airlines 800-637-2247


A Better Airfare 800-454-7700

Desert Winds Travel 800-736-9832

Hello World 800-207-1267

World Discovery Trvel 800-687-2087

Zink’s Travel 505-622-3523

CARLSBAD, NM ACCOMMODATIONS (76 Miles South of Roswell)

Best Western Motel Stevens...1-800-730-2851 (202 Rooms, AAA uuu, Restaurant, lounge, pool, airport shuttle, pets)

Carlsbad Travelodge South...1-505-887-8888 (64 rooms, AAA uu, Heated pool, free full breakfast, pets allowed)

Continental Inn...1-505-887-0341 (60 rooms, AAA uu, Heated pool, pets allowed, airport shuttle service)

Days Inn...1-505-887-7800 (50 Rooms, Indoor htd pool, therapy pool, continental brkfst, pets allowed)

Driftwood Motel...1-505-887-6522 (46 rooms, pets)

Economy Inn...1-505-885-4914 (34 rooms, swimming pool, pets allowed)

El Rey Motel ... 1-505-887-5331 (27 rooms)

Holiday Inn-Carlsbad...1-800-742-9586 (100 rooms, AAA uuu, Restaurant, lounge, heated pool, jacuzzi, airport courtesy car service, pets allowed)

La Caverna Motel...1-505-885-4151 (40 Rooms)

La Fonda Motel...1-505-885-6242 (16 Rooms, pool)

Lorlodge Motel...1-505-887-1171 (30 Rooms, Free full breakfast, pets allowed)

Motel Six...1-505-885-0011 (80 Rooms, Pool, pets allowed)

Parkview Motel...1-505-885-3117 (32 Rooms, pool, pets)

Quality Inn...1-800-321-2861 (123 Rooms, AAA uu, Restaurant, lounge, free full breakfast, jacuzzi & pool, airport courtesy car service, pets allowed)

Rodeway Inn...1-505-887-5535 (107 Rooms, Continental brkfst, indoor pool, pets accepted)

Royal Manor Motel...1-505-885-3191 (26 Rooms, pool, pets allowed)

Stagecoach Inn...1-505-887-1148 (55 Rooms, AAA uuu, Restaurant, pool, continental brkfst, jacuzzi, pets allowed)

Best Western Cavern Inn...1-800-CAVERNS (62 Rooms, AAA uuu, Restaurant, lounge, heated pool, jacuzzi, pets)

Best Western Guadalupe Inn...1-800-CAVERNS (44 Rooms, AAA uuu, Restaurant, lounge, heated pool, jacuzzi, pets)


Classic American Economy Inn....1-800-901-9466 (Free movies, outdoor pool, phones, AAA, kitchenette, non smoking rooms available, Handicapped facilities, coffee, small pets in rooms allowed)

Portales Inn...1-505-359-1208 (Restaurant, free movies, phones, AAA, room service, non-smoking rooms, children under 12 free, handicapped facilities, small pets in room allowed)

Sands Motel...1-800-956-4424 (Outdoor pool, free HBO movies, phones, small pets in room allowed, fax service, kitchenettes, microwaves, free McDonalds breakfast, newly remodeled, Burgur king & McDonalds nearby)

Super 8 Motel...1-800-800-8000 (Free HBO movies, phones, AAA, kitchenette, non-smoking rooms, children under 12 free, handicapped facilities, free coffee, free breakfast, jacuzzi)

The Morning Star Inn & Desert Treasures (Bed & Breakfast)... 1-505-356-2994 (Telephones, No smoking in building, free coffee, free continental breakfast, common room for tv watching)

as of 4/4/97 ALL motel rooms in ARTESIA were Booked!


Bill’s RV Park 746-6184

Country Club Estates 746-2525

The Odd Shop RV Park 748-3779

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