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Year-End Report - 1997

I. Mission Statement

The Roswell Recreation Department strives to meet the community's recreational needs and interests by providing a wide variety of quality and wholesome leisure activities through traditional and innovative programming. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life and personal growth for individuals of all ages, and families through participation in passive and active activities. We will work cooperatively with other organizations and agencies to provide needed leisure services and facilities for the community. We are committed to effectively utilizing all available resources and to sustain the confidence of those we serve.

II. Benefits To The Roswell Community

In 1997 the Recreation Department:

1. provided activities that were safe and wholesome in nature.

2. provided opportunities for the family to interact together.

3. provided health and fitness opportunities for the community.

4. provided for an atmosphere of leisure.

5. provided information to educate the community about the benefits of leisure.

6. provided an opportunity to the community to give their input concerning programming.

7. provided opportunities for self-expression of individuals and to promote self esteem.

8. provided opportunities that promoted an economic boost to the community.

9. provided for an atmosphere of competition for those who wanted competition and an atmosphere of non-competitiveness for those who did not.

10. provided an opportunity for social and cultural interaction within the community.

11. provided educational and learning opportunities for all ages in the community.

12. provided the opportunity for the community to learn and participate in life long skill activities.

13. provided the opportunity for other organizations in the community to share their experience with others.

14. promoted cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship.

15. provided the opportunity for participants to meet and make new friends.

III. Brief Summary Narrative

A. The Recreation Department had a pretty good year with @28,485 different individuals being served throughout the year. These individuals participated @263,330 times in our programs during 1997 for a cost of $836,207 with an income/expense ratio of 32%, not counting the value of donations and volunteer hours.

We provided services at Cahoon Swimming Pool for @ $19.29/person or $2.34/participation.

We provided services at Yucca Recreation Center for @$25.86/person or $2.33/participation.

We provided services at the Roswell Adult Center for @$32.31/person or $1.61/participation.

We provided services with our Special Programs Division for @$2.18/person or $2.07/participation.

Overall, we provided services to the general public for @$22.31/person or @$2.41/participation.

These figures reflect our best estimate of services provided by the Recreation Department during 1997 and include direct income and expenses for all divisions including administration. Some of these figures, like the RAC and Special Program figures would change dramatically if we also included the value of donations received and volunteer hours provided by the participants.

B. The Recreation Department Administrative services share office space with the Parks Department Administrative services in the Parks and Recreation Offices, 1101 W. 4th, at Cahoon Park. Office space is provided for Kim Elliott, CLP, Recreation Director; Heidi C. Sims, CLP, Recreation Superintendent; Laurie Jerge, CLP, Recreation Program Analyst; and Joe Vargas, CLA, Recreation Supervisor for Sports and Special Events

The office location is ideally suited in Cahoon Park next to the Cahoon Swimming Pool and the Spring River Parkway. The park setting with offices next to major components of the Department, makes it ideal for the general public to have access to the Department, and has aided in public recognition of the Department.

C. Public relations, staff training, marketing, and program evaluation are all done from the Recreation Administrative offices with Laurie Jerge, CLP, our Recreation Program Analyst heading up these areas. During 1997, the Department sent out at least 230 news releases and staff was scheduled at least 171times to appear either on TV or radio. Laurie has a daily radio spot on KCKN and those appearances are not included in the above totals.

A community survey was completed during the summer with results being very favorable to the Department. One of the encouraging items learned about the Department is the fact that the community knows about our programs which we see as a direct result of our Recreation Program Analyst’s work.

The survey also indicated that the Recreation Department spends it’s tax dollars wisely and felt that more should be allocated for recreational services in their community. At the same time, the respondents felt that users should pay more for the services provided.

In response to a question concerning paying more taxes to fund leisure services, the respondents were evenly divided with 50% saying they would and 50% saying they would not want to pay more taxes for improvements.

D. The Recreation Department is fortunate to continue to host three (3) local TV shows that focus on leisure in the Roswell community. They are "Leisure Living" with Laurie Jerge; "How To..." with Diane Holdson; and, "Handmade By You" with Gladie Guzman. These shows are produced by NMMI TV Productions and are shown on local cable access channel 11.

NMMI TV Productions received the 1997 New Mexico Recreation and Park Association (NMRPA) Innovative Program of the Year Award for the development and the continued production of these shows.

E. Special Programs are also housed in the Recreation Administrative Offices

Our Special Programs Division is headed by Joe Vargas,CLP. This division stays busy all year round with the planning of events and activities for people of all ages in the community. These are events like Festival in the Park, Cahoon Park and October Runs, Summer Schoolground Program, Concerts in the Park, The Roswell Games, Party On The Pecos, UFO Festival, Cinco De Mayo Celebration, Fishing Clinic, Latino Bands Appreciation Celebration, and others.

The Grand Illusion Show was a great success with Craig and Rachel Davis. As a result of this success, the Division asked them to come back to Roswell for the UFO Encounter ‘97 to perform.

The UFO Encounter ‘97 was very successful even though we did not see the numbers enter our area that visited the Civic Center. We feel that having a carnival between the two areas kept the majority of people from coming to DeBremmond to experience what we had to offer. Those who visited Hangar 18 were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the exhibit. (Photo by Mike Petit)

An end of school pool party was not as successful. The idea was and still is a good idea but the weather did not cooperate. This is a good example of one of our main problems and concerns with outdoor events.

The RIAC was added as a neighborhood park program site. We try to encourage the people in the immediate area to take charge of the event so that we can eventually step back and just assist with the planning and the day. The ‘Pecos Valley Village People’ are off to a good start.

Band camp was again held this year and grew from the previous year. John Batson, a music major at Baylor University, stepped in to take over the two weeks of camp which went very well.

Grants applied for and not received this year were for the equipment needed for a roller hockey league and to conduct a drama camp. The Roswell Community League did commit to holding $2,500 from the proceeds of Party on the Pecos to go toward the future purchase of a mobile stage.

Cahoon Pool was filled with water and fish for the Party on the Pecos and Cinco de Mayo the first week of May. By doing this, we were able to add a fishing clinic to the activities for the weekend. We were very pleasantly surprised that it was such a great success.

A trip to Durango, CO was scheduled through Hello World Travel in August. This was very successful. Even though we did not make any money, the trip also did not cost us anything. We should schedule more of these types of trips.

The acquisition of the Amphitheatre near the Wool Bowl would be a great asset to the community. This request was made and turned down during the regular budget request for FY97-98. It was also requested again during the mid-year budget process. The Department feels very strongly that once the facility has had some minimal renovation, the facility operation would break even, if not increase revenue.

When figuring donations and the value of volunteer time made to the Department, our income to expense ratio is @160% with @46,337 individuals taking an active part in our programs.

F. Cahoon Park Swimming Pool, located next to the Recreation Offices in Cahoon Park, had a pretty good season taking into account the fact that the diving boards had been previously removed due to safety code. Nothing has been added to replace the play value of the boards even though capital requests for equipment have been made at budget time.

Approximately 3,500 different individuals came to Cahoon Pool 28,848 times. Revenue was down at $22,463 while our expenses from the Recreation Fund budget was $89,970. When we consider the extra hours that the Park Department also contributes to the Pool operation we continue to lose approximately $70,000-$80,000 per year.

Leisure Concepts and Design from Water Technology, Inc. stated that the City of Roswell would be better off building a new facility that will meet the needs of Roswell well into the next century than to spend money on renovating the existing pool. They said that the renovation of Cahoon Pool is not a viable solution for meeting the needs of the community, and, the facility should be abandoned in the near future.

The development and construction of a new Family Aquatic Center at Cielo Grande Recreation Area was placed on the ballot with nine (9) other bond questions. None of the issues passed.

This need still exists and will continue to exist. Innovative funding will need to be developed.

To this end, an engineering firm, Smith Engineering, was contracted at the end of the year to do a complete site evaluation to include the pool shell and subsurface conditions, deck, sanitation systems, piping, and the bath house. These results will be provided early in the Spring of 1998 to determine whether or not the pool can be opened without posing a safety hazard to the general public.

A new facility would be designed to break even with operating expenses, if not make a few dollars on the operation. This type of facility would be a definite economic boon to the community.

A conceptual of a new Family Aquatic Center to be located at Cielo Grande Recreation Area has been developed with an estimated cost of $3.92 million.

Just to renovate the existing Cahoon Swimming Pool, the cost will be over $1 million, with additional costs for renovation of the bath house, filter system, deck and other areas yet to be determined. Even if Cahoon Pool were renovated, the community would not have a facility that would meet the needs of the community.

G. The Roswell Adult Center (RAC) is a place for all adults in the community. Over 150 classes were offered to the community during the year with @1,400 students registered. Approximately 50 groups and organizations meet at the RAC on a regular basis and @ 40 different groups or individuals rented the Center during the year. This means that approximately 4,000 different people used the facility almost 81,000 times during 1997.

Staff at the RAC are Diane Holdson, CLA, Recreation Supervisor, Shelia McKnight, CLA, Recreation Leader II, and Lynda Patton, Clerical Aide along with the Custodial Worker II, Mr. James Belt. Most of the programs and events planned at the RAC are planned with the help of volunteers. Our staff works mainly as facilitators and does an excellent job of working with volunteers and participants to make sure programs meet the needs of the community.

The Lifelong Scholar program, Senior Olympic program, Armchair Travelers program, Christmas Gift Fair and other programs continue to be very popular at the RAC.

The Baby Boomer market still needs to be tapped by the RAC and planning is underway to determine how this can be done. Another concern is that it appears to be more difficult to locate qualified instructors for the various classes being offered.

A $350,000 grant has been requested from the New Mexico State Agency on Aging to provide for a needed new addition to the RAC. This request follows the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan recommendations.

H. Yucca Recreation Center had major staff changes during the year again. Gladie Guzman, CLP, was promoted to Recreation Supervisor. Shirley Williams, CLA, was promoted to Recreation Leader II. Sara Hall was hired to fill a vacant Recreation Leader I position. One Recreation Aide position was vacant at the end of the year but is scheduled to be filled early in 1998. The current team seems to work well together.

An estimated 8,115 different individuals participated @105,000 times in programs offered by Yucca. Some of these programs are Youth Basketball, Aerobics, Adult Volleyball, Vacation Fun Programs, Easter Egg Hunt, Fall Festival, Tae Kwon Do, Kite Festival, Youth Dances, and others. Physical Education for Homeschoolers continues to be very successful.

The RISD, TDTC, GED and ESL programs along with a variety of classes and civic organizations utilize the Center.

During 1997, the 1% Art in Public Places Program Local Selection Committee selected Tex Welch from Tatum to design and install metal artwork showing off some of the activities at the Center. This was to complete the $300,000 project started in 1995 from funds made available from the State Legislature for building renovation to include ADA work.

Work that still needs to be completed is north and south locker room renovation and the replacement of the rest of the outside windows to the building that has not already been replaced with KalWal.

I. The Roswell Tennis Association with the help of Mr. Dick Satterlee, our contracted tennis coordinator, continues to grow. Even though we do not keep specific records in this area at this time, we feel that tennis play in Roswell has been increasing. As the program continues to grow and be successful, the contract that we have with our tennis coordinator may need to be revised. In the meantime it appears that we are also going to place Alberto Goenaga on contract, also as a tennis professional.

During 1997, the Roswell Independent School District, due to vandalism decided to lock the tennis courts at Roswell and Goddard High. The Department was able to come up with a mutual solution to keep the courts open at specified times by providing drive by security. Our contracted security locks and unlocks the courts at specified times for the general public to use.

J. During 1997, the Department, and people associated with the Department, received several awards.

Recreation Program Analyst, Laurie Jerge, CLP, received the NRPA’s SW Regional Young Professional Award in Austin, TX during April. She then was chosen to receive the Robert C. Crawford Young Professional Award from the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA). She received her award in Salt Lake City, UT in front of @5,000 leisure professionals. The Department is very proud of her accomplishments.

A.B. Gwinn was given a citation for the contributions he has made to the profession in Austin, TX during the Southwest Leadership Training Institute.

Also receiving awards during 1997 were State Senator Tim Jennings and the Roswell Amateur Radio Club who received special citations from the New Mexico Recreation and Park Association (NMRPA) for their help and committment to the profession in the Roswell area.

Howard Fricke, from the Roswell Adult Center, received the NMRPA Outstanding Volunteer Award.

The Roswell Adult Center was recognized by receiving the Arts and Humanities Award for the Hobby Show and Lifelong Scholar Exhibit.

The Roswell Community League along with the Roswell Recreation Department were recognized for their efforts by receiving the 1997 Program of the Year Award for "Party on the Pecos".

The NMRPA Innovation Program of the Year Award was given to NMMI TV Productions and the Recreation Department for the continued offering and development of three local television shows hosted by Laurie Jerge, CLP, Diane Holdson, CLP, and Gladie Guzman, CLP.

During the year, the Recreation Department was also honored by receiving a Local Program Award. This is a national award given by the National Hershey Youth Track and Field Program for a committment to youth. We were the only Department or agency from New Mexico to receive this award.

Tobosa Develpmental and Training Center (TDTC) gave the Department an award for the Tobosa Supporter of The Year.

Keep Roswell Beautiful recognized the Department for assistance throughout the year, especially for the Govenors Trek for Trash. The Roswell Runners Club recognized the Department for our help and support provided throughout the year.

Receiving the various awards listed shows to staff, and the community that the Roswell Recreation Department is doing a lot of good in the community.

K. Recreation staff attended the NRPA Annual Congress in Salt Lake City, UT, , the NMRPA State Conference in Ruidosos, NM, "Your Safety Net For The Future!", offered by NMRPA in Roswell, NM, the NRPA Southwest Regional Leadership and Training Institute in Austin, TX and various other professional training opportunities as budget would allow.

L. Kim Elliott, CLP, was elected as the NMRPA Southwest Regional Professional Representative for the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA). The Southwest Region consists of New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. Laurie Jerge, CLP served as the NMRPA Nomination chairperson and was named the Awards Chair for the Association at the end of the year. Heidi Sims, CLP, will serve as the Associations’ Professional Certification Chair beginning in 1998.

Staff helps with the Association when asked because it helps to give a more rounded view of the profession which benefits us locally and helps us keep in touch with what other professionals in the field are doing.

M. There are approximately fifty (50) Certified Leisure Professionals in New Mexico. Of that total, Roswell has four (4) Certified Leisure Professional's (CLP) who are Kim Elliott, Heidi Sims, Laurie Jerge and Gladie Guzman; and, four (4) Certified Leisure Associate's (CLA), who are Diane Holdson, Shelia McKnight, Shirley Williams and Joe Vargas.

Gladie passed the National CLP Exam in Salt Lake City, UT at the NRPA National Congress.

We have the highest percentage of certified full-time staff of any department in the State of New Mexico. This means that the community can have the assurance of recreation staff that have a basic knowledge and experience in leisure service delivery. Staff is very proud of this accomplishment. Our goal is to have all full-time staff certified as either CLP’s or CLA’s.

N. The Department is continuing the process of assessing our operational procedures and comparing them with national standards. This may eventually lead to national accreditation of the Department by the Commission on the Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA), however, the most important aspect of this is that we have begun the process of improving our current operation.

O. The Recreation Department spent time during 1997 on the development of a new logo for the Department. We received several possible pieces of artwork that we liked and decided that the artwork provided by Entrop and Associates was the most appropriate for the Department at this time.

This logo has been placed on two of our newer vehicles and will appear on most, if not all, of our publications.

P. Elvis was not officially seen at any of our functions. However, this may be an area where we keep our eyes open for possible sightings.

IV. Did We Accomplish Our Mission?

A. In general, the mission of the Recreation Department was accomplished during 1997. It is felt that the Department did very well with the money allocated. We continue to train staff to meet the needs of the public, plan activities that are needed in the community, and, work cooperatively with many organizations to provide needed leisure services. We do have room to improve!

B. However, we are not meeting the communities needs in the aquatic area when it comes to families. Cahoon Pool is a baby sitting facility and will not change, even if renovated. A new Family Aquatic Center is the solution for this problem.

C. There continues to be a need for modernization of our leisure facilities. Even though we may be providing adequate facilities, we could be doing a better job of meeting the needs of the Roswell community. The RAC, Yucca Recreation Center, and Recreation Administrative Offices all need to be updated and modernized. A new outdoor Family Aquatic Center is still needed to replace the old Cahoon Park Swimming Pool facility. The modern- ization of these facilities are important as we begin a new century.

V. Annual Numbers

# of Participants - @28,485

# of Participations - @263,330

Revenue - @$200,603*

%Revenue/Expense - 32% (does not include value of donations & volunteers)

Expense - @$836,207*

Cost/Participant - $22.31/Participant


Budget -

9% ($86,600) unspent

6% ($57,276) unrealized revenue

* figures from FY96-97 Budget and does not include capital

VI. Suggestions For The Future

A. In reference to facilities, we have to continue to press for the needs of the Department. This means that we need to continue to press for a new Recreation addition to the Parks and Recreation Administrative Offices in Cahoon Park, a new addition at the Roswell Adult Center for needed space, and continued renovation of Yucca Recreation Center to see that project to completion. Also, we will need to press for the development of the Family Aquatic Center at the Old Airport since the Cahoon Swimming Pool does not meet the needs of the community and renovation would not solve the major needs we currently have at the site.

B. There is a need to develop a strategy to address the concerns realized in the community survey. We may need to determine specific populations to target with additional surveys to gather more information.

C. It may be beneficial to expand the band program and start a drama program in the community. Little seems to be done in these areas, especially with the youth.

D. Concerning the operation of the Department, we need to continue assessing and comparing our current operation with the national standards developed by CAPRA. As we determine our deficiencies, we will try and correct them in an effort to have a better department. This may eventually lead to national departmental accreditation.

E. Last year we mentioned the need to develop a marketing plan and a written security plan for the Department. This is still important, but, it has taken a back seat to what some would deem to be more of a priority. Both of these areas, a marketing plan and security plan, are seen as very important for the future.

F. Tennis in Roswell appears to be getting ready to grow. The Department may need to watch what happens very closely in the community to make sure we are meeting the communities needs in this area. As the program grows our tennis contracts may need to be revised.

G. New activities and events should always be considered for inclusion in all aspects of our programming making sure that the budget will allow us to plan and develop these ideas

H. The Department has done fairly well getting organizations to honor and recognize our supporters who have contributed much to leisure in Roswell. We should continue this effort, even though it is time consuming. It is good for the community and the Department.

I. Staff training remains as one of our goals and is extremely important to the quality of the services that we provide. We will continue to provide training opportunities for staff and send staff to professional training as the budget will allow.

J. If the Department can acquire the Amphitheatre near the Wool Bowl, the community should benefit. Currently, NMMI only permits it’s use while the Department would actually plan for it’s use.

K. The Department does not have secretarial staff on payroll with the exception of a clerical aide at the Roswell Adult Center. The Administrative staff is not in as dire a need for secretarial personnel as long as we can share with the Park Department. However, Yucca Recreation Center relies on all recreation staff to do secretarial and reception duties. This poses some problems, especially in dealing with the public. The addition of a clerical worker at Yucca Recreation Center should be looked at very closely to aid in the efficiency of the operation.

L. Looking at the possibility of raising fees should be researched since the general public felt that we should charge more for our services. A recomendation will be made with the new budget proposal for FY1998-99.

M. The further development of Cielo Grande Recreation Area should be a priority. To this end, possible future partnerships should be located and developed. The Department has several areas at the new site that will greatly impact recreation in the community and the region.

The Recreation Department does a good job with what we are given to work with in the community. We have good staff and a great community for which to work. If we can keep our eyes on the future we will continue to move forward to meeting the needs of the community.

Submitted by:

City of Roswell, NM

Recreation Director

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