Year End Report -1999


Real Estate industry analysts confirm quality of life as a determining factor in real estate values and economic vitality. One 1998 industry report calls livability "a litmus test of determining the strength of the real estate investment market…If people want to live in a place, companies, stores, hotels, and apartments will follow".
(ERE Yarmouth and Real Estate Research Corporation "Defining New Limits: Emerging Trends in Real Estate")

As the nation moves toward a mixed economy based on services, light industry, consumer goods, and new technologies, businesses and their employees are no longer tied to traditional industrial centers. Today, businesses are free to shop for an appealing location, and they clearly prefer communities with a high quality of life, including an abundance of open space, nearby recreation, and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods. (The Trust for Public Land, 1999, "The Economic Benefits of Parks and Open Space")

These two (2) statements are indicators of the future of parks, recreation and open space and come from very reputable sources. It shows the essential quality of recreational services in a community. Those communities that fail to pay attention to the trends, will fall behind. They will fall behind in economic growth. They will fall behind in helping to curb crime. They will fall behind in creating a livable community. They will fall behind in creating an atmosphere that will promote community. They will fail to reach their potential as a community.

The Roswell Recreation Department strives to make our community more livable. We try to do the best that we can with the resources that are available to us. Those resources are: 1) financial from the established City of Roswell budget and from donations received, 2) natural in the open space and parks that are used for programs, and 3) people in regards to the volunteers, contract and paid staff that are used to plan and administer our programs.

The Roswell Recreation Department is the primary agency in Roswell that concerns itself with the quality of life for the residents of the community. Yes, there are other agencies who provide for the community, but there are none as diverse as the Roswell Recreation Department, and none who can successfully service over 37,000 different individuals throughout the year. We service the community in small events and activities and we service the community in large events. We cooperate and work with a multitude of different agencies and organizations in the community in an effort to provide for the needs of the community.

The City of Roswell has a jewel in the Roswell Recreation Department! She has an award winning Department with professional staff that are recognized throughout the State of New Mexico and the Southwest for their hard work and creative programming. Roswell can definitely be proud to have a quality recreation department on which to build her economic growth.


In 1999 the Recreation Department:

1. Provided activities that were safe and wholesome in nature.

2. Provided opportunities for the family to interact together.

3. Provided health and fitness opportunities for the community.

4. Provided for an atmosphere of leisure.

5. Provided information to educate the community about the benefits of leisure.

6. Provided an opportunity to the community to give their input concerning programming.

7. Provided opportunities for self-expression of individuals and to promote self-esteem.

8. Provided opportunities that promoted an economic boost to the community.

Provided for an atmosphere of competition for those who wanted competition and an atmosphere of non-competitiveness for those who did not.

10. Provided an opportunity for social and cultural interaction within the community.

11. Provided educational and learning opportunities for all ages in the community.

12. Provided the opportunity for the community to learn and participate in life long skill activities.

13. Provided the opportunity for organizations in the community to share their experience with others.

14. Promoted cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship.

15. Provided the opportunity for participants to meet and make new friends.



MISSION: The Roswell Recreation Department strives to meet the community's recreational needs and interests by providing a wide variety of quality and wholesome leisure activities through traditional and innovative programming.

Annual Numbers (calendar year)

# of Participants - 37,038

# of Participations - @296,441



Revenue - $232,795 *

% Revenue/Expense - 22%

(does not include value of donations & volunteers)

Expense - $ 1,090,023*

Expense minus Revenue - $ 857,228* Cost/Participant - $23.15/Participant

Budget -

3.8% ($41,152) unspent

2.6% ($4,253) revenue over budget that we control

figures from FY99-00 Budget and does not include capital

The Recreation Department had a pretty good year with 37,038 different individuals being served throughout the year. These individuals participated 296,441 times in our programs, which is also an increase of 5%, during 1999 for an overall average cost of $23.15/person served. Each time someone participated in one of our programs it cost us an average of $2.89/participation. The income/expense ratio for the overall Department was 22%, not counting the value of donations and volunteer hours which would cause that figure to change considerably, especially taking into account our Special Programs and Adult Center Divisions.

Of the revenue budgeted in the Recreation Budget over which we have control ($165,853), the Department brought in 103% (+$4,253) of anticipated revenues in those accounts. Overall, this should be considered very good since our services provided are not static but change every year according to the needs of the community.

Specifically, the Roswell Adult Center brought in $31,967 in revenue which is 17% of the budgeted expense amount.

The Cahoon Park Swimming Pool brought in $25,125 which is 26% of the budgeted expense amount.

The Special Programs Division brought in $44,400 which is 24% of the budgeted expense amount.

Yucca Recreation Center brought in 21% of the budgeted expense amount or $85,827. This figure includes our Youth Basketball Program.

We provided services at Cahoon Swimming Pool for $13.08/person or $2.72/participation.

We provided services at Yucca Recreation Center for $38.44/person or $3.06/participation.

We provided services at the Roswell Adult Center for $20.58/person or $1.88/participation.

We provided services with our Special Programs Division for $5.76/person or $2.26/participation.

Overall, we provided services to the general public for $23.15/person or $2.89/participation.

These figures reflect our best estimate of services provided by the Recreation Department during 1999 and include direct income and expenses for all divisions including administration. They do not include capital expenses.


MISSION: Recreation Administration will strive to assist the Departmental Divisions in administration and planning while cooperatively and effectively striving to meet both current and future needs of the community to enhance their quality of life.

The Recreation Department Administrative services share office space with the Parks Department Administrative services in the Parks and Recreation Offices, 1101 W. 4th, at Cahoon Park. Office space is provided for Kim Elliott, CLP, Recreation Director; Heidi C. Sims, CLP, Recreation Superintendent; Laurie Jerge, CLP, Recreation Program Analyst; and Joe Vargas, CLA, Recreation Supervisor for Sports and Special Events. The Recreation Administration Office does not have any clerical workers on staff. The Park Department provides clerical help, as needed. The current make up of the Administrative staff is such that we are all capable of doing our own typing. We all do some work in word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing and graphics programs and applications. The Recreation Superintendent spends a considerable amount of time processing purchase orders and working with our Human Resource Department.

The office location is ideally suited in Cahoon Park next to the Cahoon Swimming Pool and the Spring River Parkway. The park setting with offices next to major components of the Department, makes it ideal for the general public to have access to the Department, and continues to aid in public recognition of not only the Recreation Department but also the Park Department with whom we share office space. Many events occur in Cahoon Park and the office and meeting space are utilized as an operations center throughout the year.

Planning and project coordination is done out of our office. During 1999 planning for a new skateboard park was completed. The location for this site is near the Unity Center in Cielo Grande Recreation Area. Sites Southwest from Albuquerque completed the design. They worked with the youth on the original design. The Phase I of the Skatepark site should be built by summer of 2000.

Planning for additional work at Cahoon Swimming Pool was also completed by Smith Engineering. We are excited about putting together a plan that will be able to take the facility into the next century.

An addition to the Administrative Offices has been planned and would provide for both a separate Park office area and a separate Recreation office area with both sharing the meeting room.

One of the major accomplishments for the Department was the execution of an exclusive beverage contract with Coca Cola in exchange for $50,000 to be used toward the purchase of a mobile stage. We know that this is only the beginning in terms of creative agreements between the Department and the community so that we can better service the general public.

Goals for 2000:

Recreation Administration will:

  1. Maintain positive communication within the Department.
  2. Provide direction for the various Recreation Department Divisions.
  3. Set and meet deadlines within the Department.
  4. Develop a staff handbook.


MISSION: The Recreation Program Analyst will gather information and inform and educate staff and the community about the Roswell Recreation Departments events, mission, and the importance of the leisure industry in our community.

Public relations, staff training, marketing, and program evaluation are all done from the Recreation Administrative offices with Laurie Jerge, CLP, our Recreation Program Analyst heading up these areas. During 1999, the Department sent out at least 295 news releases and staff was scheduled at least 215 times to appear either on TV or radio. The Recreation Program Analyst has a daily radio spot on KCKN and those appearances are not included in the above totals. The Director writes a monthly article for Vision Magazine called "The Leisure Incident". Yucca Recreation Center started a Yucca Newsletter and the Roswell Adult Center has been producing "The Courier" for quite a few years.

Through the efforts of the Recreation Program Analyst, the Recreation Department received several State awards and one national award during 1999. Applying for an award is very time consuming, but, the rewards of recognition by professional peers and the local community is very important for staff morale and the continued production of services for the community. Staff appreciates the occasional ‘well done’ received when an award is received. Those awards received during 1999 either by the Department or to those individuals or groups who work with the Department are:

New Mexico Recreation and Park Association

These awards were given in Carlsbad, NM 9/99

New Mexico Enchantment Award for Best Overall Department

This award was given to both the Recreation Department and the Park Department.

Recreation Program of the Year Award - "One Day Outings", Yucca Recreation Center

Volunteer of the Year Award - Jeanette Miller

Citations: Individual - Floyd Bell; Group - Tobosa Development Services

Innovative Program of the Year Award - Robert Goddard Science Discovery Days

National Recreation and Park Association Southwest Region (LA, AR, TX, OK, NM)

These awards were given in Fayetteville, AR. 4/99

Arts and Humanities Award - "Roswell Folklorico", Yucca Recreation Center

Citations Individual - Stan Crosby; Group - Noon Optimist Club

National Recreation and Park Association

This award was given in Nashville, TN 10/99

Best PSA KUDOS Award - Robert H. Goddard Days, Roswell Recreation and KCKN/KBCQ

Staff training was accomplished mainly during 1999 with local, state, regional and national workshops being attended by staff. Safety meetings and employee updates were held with topics on leadership and development. CPR and First Aid Certifications were renewed as needed. Our Spring Workshop was very successful and was held at the Roswell Adult Center in March. Approximately 25 professionals from around the state participated in the Recreation Management portion with almost 50 park professionals and maintenance people participating in the Park Management track. Training specific to staff was difficult during 1999 as many of our scheduled presenters made last minute cancellations and it was almost impossible to reschedule department wide training sessions. This did not keep us from our regular preseason training opportunities with our part time and seasonal staff for our summer and our youth basketball programs.

Several areas were surveyed. They were the Sun Classic Golf Tournament, the Roswell Adult Center, Party on the Pecos, UFO, Health & Fitness, Robert Goddard Days Science Discovery Festival and a NMRPA Regional Workshop survey. The results were used to improve our program offerings. This is an area where even though we are surveying the people in our various programs and facilities, more still needs to be completed in a timely manner. The process never seems to end, which it won't if we are doing things correctly. Surveys might need to be implemented to determine how our programs are benefiting the Roswell community more.

A formal marketing plan has not been developed even though it is felt that we are not necessarily falling behind in this area, yet. We are doing fairly well in getting word out in the community about our programs and services, but we can still do better. A formal plan would help us with overall direction and is one of the standards for agency accreditation. The national campaign, "Parks and Recreation – The Benefits Are Endless!" would fit very well into a marketing plan. Our Recreation Program Analyst has put a lot of pieces together for this plan, but work still needs to be done. The Department successfully placed a bid for state tourism dollars and received funding for the Robert H Goddard Days to be held in 2000. This shows in itself that the Department has come a long way in marketing our programs not only in our community, but the entire region.

Improved communication has occurred between the Recreation Supervisors, Administrative Staff and the Program Analyst, however, this is an area that still needs to be improved. It might also be in the best interest of the Department for the Recreation Program Analyst to control all accounts with budgeted advertising and marketing funds. This would also require positive, regular communication between the Supervisors and the Analyst.

Very little has been done in the area of continued self-assessment of our operation compared to national standards. This has taken a back burner during 1999 with the Director’s approval, but should be emphasized more in 2000. This statement is basically a repeat from 1998. The effort should be made a priority because:

1) the Department and the community could use the good publicity that accreditation would bring,

2) successful assessment and subsequent accreditation of our current operations would mean an improvement in the services we provide to the community,

3) successful assessment and subsequent accreditation would help the Department to be more efficient in the use of all available resources, and

4) successful assessment and subsequent accreditation would help to show the community the real benefits of recreation and leisure in the community.

5) Businesses that wish to relocate would be assured that the leisure service delivery system in the community is adequate and follows national standards in providing services.

Because of the efforts of our Recreation Program Analyst and the amount of work completed, the Department has been able to move forward in many areas of programming. Our staff is free to conduct events the way they should be conducted and not have to worry about marketing and advertising aspects of each event. The Department would take several large steps back if not for the work of the Recreation Program Analyst.

Goals for 2000:

The Program Evaluation Division:

  1. will continue to work toward providing creative and innovative programming ideas to the Special Programs, Yucca Recreation Center, Roswell Adult Center and Cahoon Pool Supervisors.
  2. Will continue to work toward improving a staff training program for the Recreation Department.
  3. Will continue to work towards the completion of the self-assessment with other key staff.
  4. Will continue to survey and tabulate results with planning recommendations for the future.
  5. Will continue to promote Roswell Recreation, NMRPA and NRPA within the Roswell Recreation system to staff, volunteers and the general public.
  6. Will continue to develop a marketing plan for the Department.


MISSION: The Roswell Special Programs Division strives to promote the quality of life and personal growth among its participants by working with the community to provide a variety of quality activities and special events throughout the year.

Special Programs are also housed in the Recreation Administrative Offices and is headed by Joe Vargas, CLA. This division stays busy all year round with the planning of events and activities for people of all ages in the community. Our best estimate says that this division serviced 24,000 different individuals 78,735 times during 1999 for a cost per person of $5.76 or $1.76 every time they participated. These are events like Festival in the Park, Cahoon Park and other runs, Summer Schoolground Program, Concerts in the Park, The Roswell Games, Party On The Pecos, UFO Festival, Salute to Veterans, Cinco De Mayo Celebration, Fishing Clinic, Latino Bands Appreciation Celebration, and others.

The Special Programs Division truly works with the community in bringing activities and events into the community. During 1999, the Division worked cooperatively with Character Counts, DARE, Noon Optimist Club, Sertoma, Fireworks Committee, UFO Encounter 98 Committee, RHS, GHS, NMMI, University High, and most if not all of the Roswell elementary and mid schools including the private schools, Partners in Education, HOST, Tobosa Developmental Services, Roswell Chamber, Hispano Chamber, Invest In Youth, Leadership Roswell, Roswell Teen Leadership, Keep Roswell Beautiful, Community League, Wilderness Hikers, Roswell Runners Club and many others. These working relationships are extremely beneficial for the community and their time and effort is invaluable.

The Summer Band Camp program continues to increase in popularity. We have been very fortunate in being able to contract with Mr. John Batson to direct and coordinate the camp, which has been very successful. Even though the support from the High Schools have not been what we would have anticipated, as the program continues to gain support in the community, the support will be there for us in the future. We need to plan for the future to make sure we can draw quality band instructors into our program.

The Summer Schoolground Program continues to be a viable service provided to the community, even though it is expensive. We may have to evaluate this area to see if changes need to be made.

An elementary school extramural program was started that encourages every elementary school to participate in a particular sport once a month. The program started with four square volleyball, and x-country and will also include team handball, jump-rope-for-heart, track & field and others. It has gotten off to an excellent start with plans being made to expand the program next year.

We were able to purchase a mobile stage for our use during the year. The total value of this piece of equipment was a little over $82,000 with all funds being donated except $7,730. Funds came from Coca Cola, Community League, and a grant from McCune Foundation. We anticipate this stage to be a major part of many events and activities during the year.

Goals for 2000:

The Special Programs Division will:

  1. Continue to expand family oriented events that provide new, exciting, entertainment and activities for a reasonable, affordable fee, and in a safe and inviting environment.
  2. Continue to develop those programs that will encourage participation by teens in the community.


MISSION: Cahoon Park Swimming Pool strives to provide quality, seasonal, aquatic and leisure time services for the Roswell community in the form of instruction, rentals, special events and general swims.

Cahoon Park Swimming Pool, located next to the Recreation Offices in Cahoon Park, had a pretty good season taking into account the fact that the only play element is the water itself and limited deck space. Nothing has been added to replace the play value of the diving boards, but the need exists. Our attendance was down some from the previous season but our revenue stayed approximately the same. This is probably due to an increase in admission fees that took effect this season. Most of our revenue is consistently received during the first half of the season with the few weeks immediately following school letting out being the best. This is consistent with the operation of traditional pools like Cahoon.

Funds were provided to begin the process of repairing the pool shell to stop the leaks. The project seems to have been successful with no more than the expected normal water loss occurring throughout the season. Also, funds were used to develop a conceptual plan of the pool bathhouse and the changes needed to help us move into the next century whether or not Cahoon is used as an aquatic facility or for other uses. Because this project was not completed in time for Party on the Pecos, the pool could not be used for the fishing clinic which has been successful.

We did receive another state legislative grant for renovation work at the pool in the amount of $30,875. We were waiting to get the conceptual plan of the pool house completed before beginning this work which should begin early in 2000.

Approximately 5,500 different individuals came to Cahoon Pool 26,503 times. Revenue was up slightly at $25,832.50 while our expenses from the Recreation Fund budget were $97,092. When we consider the extra hours that the Park Department also contributes to the Pool operation we continue to lose approximately $75,000-$80,000 per year.

A recommendation was made to abandon Cahoon Pool and build a facility that would better meet the needs of the community. A new facility would be be able to meet considerably more programming needs for the general public. than expenses while not sacrificing an affordable admission price. A new facility, like a proposed Family Aquatic Center, has been proven to break even and in most cases actually bring in more revenue than expenses while not sacrificing an affordable admission price.

Goals for 2000:

Cahoon Park Swimming Pool will

  1. Provide a safe environment for patrons.
  2. Provide for an enjoyable experience by the patrons.
  3. Increase the number of classes offered by pool staff.
  4. Plan at least one (1) special event/activity for each two (2) week period the pool is open.


MISSION: The Roswell Adult Center promotes quality of life for adults in the community through leisure learning, club activities, volunteer activities and social opportunities.

The Roswell Adult Center (RAC) is a place for all adults in the community. Thirty-two clubs and organizations utilize the RAC for their monthly meetings. The majority of groups are non-profit, civic, social, retiree and educational organizations. Our estimate of 7,436 different individuals who used the facility during 1999 tells us that the facility is very well used with 82,076 uses during the year.

RAC staff at the end of the year were Gladys Guzman, CLP, Recreation Supervisor, who transferred from the recreation supervisor position at Yucca Recreation Center after the former recreation supervisor, Diane Holdson passed away suddenly in September., Shelia McKnight, CLA, Recreation Leader II, and Lynda Patton, Clerical Aide along with the Custodial Worker II, Nancy Kilgore. Most of the programs and events at the RAC are planned with the help of volunteers. Our staff works mainly as facilitators and does an excellent job of working with volunteers and participants to make sure programs meet the needs of the community.

The Lifelong Scholar program, Senior Olympic program, Armchair Travelers program, Christmas Gift Fair, Hobby Show and other programs continue to be very popular at the RAC. The Armchair Travelers Program will "retire" at some time during the year 2000 for various reasons.

The Baby Boomer market still needs to be tapped by the RAC and planning continues to determine how this can be done. Another concern is that it appears to be more difficult to locate qualified instructors for the various classes being offered.

A $350,000 grant has been requested from the New Mexico State Agency on Aging to provide for a needed new addition to the RAC. This project is listed on the overall City Capital Improvement Plan. Also, this request follows the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan recommendations.

More effort may need to be put into the area of marketing to the younger adult. An effort continues to be made to work with Yucca Recreation Center to have a joint registration of programs. Some young adult classes are being held at Yucca Recreation Center. This has worked out very well so far and we plan to continue this joint effort between our centers. Other ways to work together may surface during the next year.

A cooperative agreement between Eastern New Mexico University – Roswell and the RAC was reached to allow ENMU-R the use of an office area for a student outreach program. This program also allows the RAC to be able to use the area for computer classes which are very popular.

Interest in the Woodworking and Woodcarving areas continue to grow. Additional space may be needed in the future to accommodate future programming in these areas and may be able to be incorporated into any future addition.

Goals for 2000:

The Roswell Adult Center will:

  1. Continue offering quality classes for mental and physical well being of the participating adults.
  2. Continue to plan for the addition to the present structure to accommodate additional classes and activities.
  3. Encourage socialization of adults by enhancing group activities such as playing bridge, dominos, pool and card games in the evenings.
  4. Continue to make people aware that the Roswell Adult Center is not a senior center but a center for adults.
  5. Continue to lead in the area of Programming for Senior Olympians in Chaves County.


MISSION: The Yucca Recreation Center is dedicated to providing quality and professional recreational programs and services to meet the needs of the community.

Yucca Recreation Center, 500 S. Richardson, is the old Roswell High School facility that was given to the City of Roswell to be used by the Recreation Department in 1975. Gladys Guzman, CLP, was the Recreation Supervisor until October when she transferred to the Roswell Adult Center. Mr. Joe Vargas, CLA took over as interim supervisor with Shirley Williams, CLA, Recreation Leader II as the assistant. Lisa Schanck and Sara Hall, CLP fill the Recreation Leader I positions. The current team seems to work well together.

An estimated 7,623 different individuals participated 105,000 times in programs offered by Yucca at a cost of $38.44/participant or $3.06/participation. This includes those programs not held at the Center. Some of these programs are Youth Basketball, Aerobics, Adult Volleyball, Vacation Fun Programs, Easter Egg Hunt, Fall Festival, Tae Kwon Do, Kite Festival, Youth Dances, and others.

Physical Education for Homeschoolers with Jack Batson and Damian Cheatem continues to be very successful. The Summer Vacation Fun Program increased in participation over last year and Roswell Folklorico continues to be well attended. Aerobics with Floyd Bell is doing very well.

Maintaining an old facility continues to be a challenge. Facilities Maintenance has told us that many of the evaporative coolers should be replaced instead of repaired. A water leak under the main gym floor caused the floor to warp and buckle which kept us from using the floor for rentals and other activities until the middle of the fall.

Work that still needs to be completed is the north and south locker room renovation and the replacement of the rest of the outside windows to the building that has not already been replaced with KalWal. These projects are scheduled to go to bid early next year.

The Youth Basketball Program held at Yucca for games and most schools for practices is very successful. Having the 6-7 year olds play before Christmas really helps the overall program to have more space, especially during the season after Christmas for the older youth.

The RISD, TDTC, GED and ESL programs along with a variety of classes and civic organizations utilize the Center.

The Concession area, even though it appears to be doing well, can still be improved. Consistency is important.

Goals for 2000:

Yucca Recreation Center will:

  1. Utilize rooms and equipment for educational classes that enable individuals to pursue areas of interest and increase their skills and knowledge through participation in programs offered.
  2. Offer a structured recreational after-school and vacation fun program for children, ages 5-15 that is affordable, accessible and varied to provide age-appropriate activities that promote development in physical, mental and social areas.
  3. Provide a yearly basketball program for children ages 6-13 that allows for sports participation and education in the game for all enrolled, regardless of skill level, previous experience or physical abilities.
  4. Provide an annual Easter Egg Hunt for all children, ages birth to 10 years, that serves as a family-oriented, holiday activity that is supported through community donations and volunteer efforts.
  5. Conduct periodic, low-cost, recreational/educational activities at schools and other locations that provide exposure to constructive leisure time choices throughout life.
  6. Provide inter-agency communications within the community to help support the network of services available to the public.



The Roswell Tennis Association, with the help of Mr. Dick Satterlee and Mr. Alberto Goenaga, our contracted tennis professionals, continues to grow. The RTA received several grants for tennis programming and are looking at the possibility of applying for more in 2000. The "Organization of the Year Award" was given to the RTA from the USTA SENM.

Goal for 2000:

  1. The Roswell Recreation Department will work more closely with the Roswell Tennis Association and the Department’s tennis contractors to improve tennis in the community.


During 1999, the Department, and people associated with the Department, received several awards. A lot of time and effort goes into these applications, but it is well worth the effort to be recognized by peers and other professionals. These awards were listed in an earlier section and are not duplicated here.

Receiving the various awards listed shows to staff, and the community, that the Roswell Recreation Department is doing a lot of good in the community.

Goal for 2000:

The Roswell Recreation Department will

  1. Strive to give recognition to staff, programs and volunteers throughout the year.


Professional training opportunities are seen as extremely valuable to the Department. Because the leisure industry is constantly changing, it is very important for staff to keep up with current trends in the industry so we can best meet the needs of the Roswell community.

  1. Recreation staff attended the NRPA Annual Congress in Nashville, TN.
  2. The NMRPA State Conference was held in Carlsbad, NM. The Director gave a presentation on Teamwork 2000.
  3. A "One Day Workshop - All In A Days Work", was offered by NMRPA in Roswell, NM. This workshop allowed both Park and Recreation staff as a whole to learn from other professionals about various aspects of recreation administration and park maintenance topics.
  4. The NRPA Southwest Regional Leadership and Training Institute was held in Fayetteville, AR.
  5. Various other professional training opportunities were realized, as the budget allowed.

Goal for 2000:

1. The Department will continue to send appropriate staff as needed for training opportunities.


Full time professional staff are all members of the New Mexico Recreation and Park Association. Recreation Leader I’s and above are also members of the National Recreation and Park Association. The Roswell Recreation Department is an Agency member of the NRPA which allows for the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Parks and Recreation Committee to be NRPA Citizen Board Members and also allows for all Depart-mental professional memberships to be discounted. Members receive current national publications and professional development opportunities throughout the year.

The Director served and continues to serve as the NRPA Southwest Regional Professional Representative from New Mexico and served on the curriculum committee for the National Executive Development School held in Santa Fe, NM in November. The Director also made several site visits with accreditation teams for the Commission for the Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA). The Recreation Superintendent served and continues to serve as Chairman of the New Mexico Professional Certification Board, the Recreation Program Analyst was the 1999 Awards Chair for NMRPA, our Recreation Supervisor for Sports and Special Events serves as an NMRPA Director at Large, and other staff helped plan the 1999 NMRPA State Conference which was held in Carlsbad.

Staff helps with the NMRPA and NRPA when asked because it helps to give a more rounded view of the leisure profession, which benefits us locally, and helps us to keep in touch with what other professionals in the field are doing. This relates to better servicing the needs of the Roswell community. The field is constantly changing.

In addition to the Department being an Agency Member of the NRPA, the Department is an organizational member of the United States Tennis Association (USTA), American Volksport Association (AVA), American Kiting Association (AKA), and the Learning Educational Resource Network (LERN). We also have an individual membership in the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). Membership in these organizations helps us to keep on top of current trends in the leisure industry and helps us in programming for the community.

Goal for 2000:

  1. The Department will continue to stay in the main line of communication with other leisure professionals in the State, SW Region and Nation.


There are currently fifty-six (56) Certified Leisure Professionals in New Mexico. Of that total, Roswell has five (5) Certified Leisure Professional's (CLP) who are Kim Elliott, Heidi C. Sims, Laurie Jerge, Gladie Guzman, and Sara Hall; and, three (3) Certified Leisure Associate's (CLA), who are Shelia McKnight, Shirley Williams and Joe Vargas. We have the highest percentage of certified full-time staff of any department in the State of New Mexico. This means that the community can have the assurance of recreation staff that has a basic knowledge and experience in leisure service delivery. Staff is very proud of this accomplishment. Our goal is to eventually have all full-time staff certified as either CLP’s or CLA’s.

Goal for 2000:

  1. The Department will promote professionalism within the Department and in all our dealings with the general public.


The Department is continuing the process of assessing our operational procedures and comparing them with national standards. We put this on hold for a while as other projects needed our attention, but we expect to place more emphasis in this area during the year 2000. This may eventually lead to national accreditation of the Department by the Commission for the Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA). The most important aspect of this is that we have begun the process of improving our current operation. Assistance from the Park Department will be needed in this area. If actual accreditation is to be sought, then it might be worth the effort to try to accredit both the Park Department and the Recreation Department at the same time since the national standards are developed more for a combined department.

Goal for 2000:

1. The Roswell Recreation Department will continue the process of evaluating our current operation as compared with national standards.


A. In general, the mission of the Recreation Department was accomplished during 1999. It is felt that the Department did very well with the money allocated. We continue to train staff to meet the needs of the public, plan activities that are needed in the community, and, work cooperatively with many organizations to provide needed leisure services. We continue to have room to improve, though!

B. We are still not meeting the community’s needs in the aquatic area when it comes to families. Cahoon Pool is a baby sitting facility and will not change, even if renovated. A new outdoor Family Aquatic Center is the solution for this problem. We are planning for the future use of the Cahoon Pool facility when the purpose of that facility finally changes to a different use.

C. There continues to be a need for modernization of our leisure facilities. Even though we may currently be providing adequate leisure facilities, we could be doing a better job of meeting the needs of the Roswell community. The RAC, Yucca Recreation Center, and Recreation Administrative Offices all need to be updated and modernized. A new outdoor Family Aquatic Center is still needed to replace the old Cahoon Park Swimming Pool facility. Tennis courts continue to need renovation. Cahoon Park along with other parks need renovation. The modernization of these facilities and the development of new are important as we begin a new century and for the economic growth of our community.


A. We need to continue to emphasize the needs of the Department in reference to modernization of leisure facilities. This will also benefit the community and will encourage business to locate in the community. We need to continue to emphasize the need for a new Recreation addition to the Parks and Recreation Administrative Offices in Cahoon Park, a new addition at the Roswell Adult Center for needed space, and continued renovation of Yucca Recreation Center to see the original project to completion. Also, we will need to emphasize the development of the Family Aquatic Center at Cielo Grande Recreation Area since the Cahoon Swimming Pool does not meet the needs of the community and renovation will not solve the major needs we currently have at the site. If the community desires that an indoor facility be built first, then that may be the route to go at Cielo Grande Recreation Area. The further development of all other aspects of Cielo Grande Recreation Area should be a priority for new facilities.

B. There is a need to continue a strategy of surveying the general community to gather information to help us in planning our programs. We may need to focus on specific areas as determined by past surveys. This is ongoing. Focus Groups meeting to discuss all aspects of our programming and facilities would be beneficial.

C. It will be beneficial to start a drama program in the community. Little seems to be done in this area, especially with the youth.

D. Concerning the operation of the Department, we need to continue assessing and comparing our current operation with the national standards developed by CAPRA. As we determine our deficiencies, we will try and correct them in an effort to have a better department. This may eventually lead to national accreditation of the Department by CAPRA.

E. Last year we mentioned the need to develop a marketing plan and a written security plan for the Department. These areas are still important, but it has taken a back seat to what some would deem to be more of a priority. Both of these areas, a marketing plan and security plan, are seen as very important for the future.

F. Tennis in Roswell is still growing. We have developed a close working relationship with the Roswell Tennis Association, but there is still room for improvement.

G. New activities and events should always be considered for inclusion in all aspects of our programming making sure that the budget will allow us to plan and develop these ideas.

H. The Department has done fairly well getting organizations to honor and recognize our supporters who have contributed much to leisure in Roswell. We should continue this effort, even though it is time consuming. It is good for the community and the Department.

I. Staff training remains as one of our goals and is extremely important to the quality of the services that we provide. We will continue to provide training opportunities for staff and send staff to professional training, as the budget will allow.

J. The Department does not have secretarial staff on payroll with the exception of a clerical aide at the Roswell Adult Center. The Administrative staff is not in as dire a need for secretarial personnel as everyone in Recreation Administration currently does their own typing. However, Yucca Recreation Center relies on all recreation staff to do secretarial and reception duties. This poses some problems, especially in dealing with the public. The addition of a clerical worker at Yucca Recreation Center should be looked at very closely to aid in the efficiency of the operation. It is also important, at some time in the future, to look at removing the clerical work assumed by the Recreation Superintendent in areas of finance and personnel.

K. The Roswell Adult Center would benefit from at least a half time position to help with the supervision of the Center in addition to helping with the Senior Olympics. In order to keep the facility open to the general public and still not overwork our staff, some creative scheduling has been done.

L. Looking at the possibility of raising fees should continue to be considered, since the general public felt that we should charge more for our services in a survey completed in 1997.

M. The further development of Cielo Grande Recreation Area should be a priority. To this end, possible future partnerships should be located and developed. The Department has several areas at the new site that will greatly impact recreation in the community and the region.

N. It is important to plan for the future. Even though we may be providing adequate programs and services in our current facilities, it is very easy to get behind and then have to play catch up. If this happens, the cost to provide needed services and facilities will increase more than our ability to provide.

O. The Recreation Department needs to link facilities possibly with an intranet application and specifically with our registration software. The RecWare software is ideally suited for our situation and is only minimally used. The need is to purchase the multi-site software application so we can begin to be more efficient in our operation and to track our users better. Along the same lines, we need to better develop the world wide web space provided to us for our use. We are not taking advantage like we should of the available technology.

P. Other sources of funding should be developed. Time and effort should be made by the Department to seek out more and additional sponsors, additional grants, and other sources that may be available for the Department to utilize in programming.

Leisure services and their delivery to the general public will be taking on considerable more of an important economic place in the next several years. Municipalities will need to recognize this change in trends because Parks and Recreation will be seen as essential services for the future economic stability of a community. Communities who recognize this and try to provide these leisure services for the general public, whom they serve, will be seen as progressive and economically stable in the world.

The Recreation Department does a good job. We have a great staff and a great community for which to work. If we can keep our eyes on the future we will continue to move forward as we meet the needs of the community.

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Submitted by:


Kim Elliott, CLP
City of Roswell, NM
Recreation Director