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City of Roswell
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City Streets and Parks may be used by organizations for special events according to the following guidelines:

1. Organizations desiring to conduct a special event using City Streets and/or Parks, must first obtain s Special Use Permit from the City Parks & Recreation Office, 1101 W. 4th. Requests must be made to this office, in writing, at least two (2) weeks in advance of the date of the event. Requests made after that time may not be processed. Permission to use City Streets and/or Parks is not automatic. Some requests may take longer than others so early requests by the organization is recommended. Most requests will be handled directly by the Parks & Recreation Office, however, some may be forwarded to the City Manager for approval due to the nature of the request.

2. Information needed to issue a permit may include the following: date, time, spector and participant safety, number of participants and spectators, traffic control, medical services, hold harmless agreements, and/or other information deemed necessary by the City.

3. Requests will be considered with the following questions in mind:

a. Is the event going to benefit the community?

b. Will there be a minimum if adverse effects on the neighborhood, spectators, participants, grounds, etc.?

c. Will there be adequate supervision, security, traffic control and medical services?

d. Has the safety of the spectators and participants been provided for by the organization?

e. Will the areas requested be left in good condition after the event?

4. All licenses and expenses of the event are the sole responsibility of the organization.

5. The area used must be left free of trash after the event. If not, then the organization will be charged a fee for clean up which will start at $75.00 for the first hour. A cash deposit may be required for clean up and/or damages if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the City.

6. Proof of Liability Insurance in an amount specified by the City and a hold harmless agreement from the organization may be required.

7. If the request is for the use of the City Streets then a map of the proposed route must accompany the request along with plan for adequate traffic control at intersections. The City Police must give their approval for any route in or through the City. If the route involves sate right-of-way (2nd. St, Main St.), then approval must also come from the State Highway Dept. Approval from the State Highway Dept. may take 30 days or more.

8. If the request is for a Street closure, then a map of the area to be closed along with the appropriate Street closure form needs to be completely filled out and submitted with the request. It is the responsibility of the permit applicant to make all appropriate contacts.

9. If the organization expects to use a sound amplification system (PA), then the request will need to be taken to the Police Dept. for their approval. A diagram of the set up showing the placement of the system must be submitted.

10. The organization is expected to maintain adequate control over all spectators and participants. The organization is responsible for all necessary traffic control and medical services. If it is thought that adequate personnel are not present for the event then the City may stop or keep the event from starting until adequate supervision is provided.

11. If an admission is charged, a percentage not to exceed 15% may be required for the City Recreation Fund.

12. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

13 The permit is for the use of City property only. It does not convey the right to peddle, solicit, or canvass within the City.

14. Organizations issued Special Use Permits may be required to submit to other reasonable requests by the City. Conditions of usage may be determined by the Parks & /or Recreation Directors when the use of the areas requested is not covered in these guidelines or when there is a need for deviation from the stated policies.

15. Some areas requested may require a fee for use.