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Keep Roswell Beautiful
Volume 1 Issue 1 July 1997

Scoop on...

Closing out the decade by reflecting on the past ...

Did you know Keep Roswell Beautiful will celebrate it’s 10th Birthday on Aug. 11, 1997?

Well for those of you who want to know a little history about the program, here it is ...

In 1986, a group of concerned citizens banded together with city officials to halt the destruction of the 40-year-old Sunken Garden at Cahoon Park in Roswell.

This same group, which had interests in beautification, reducing litter and starting a recycling program, discovered the Keep America Beautiful system, and on Aug. 11, 1987, Roswell met Keep America Beautiful’s requirements to become an official KAB Systems Community. Not only did this group save the Sunken Garden, it has worked to reduce litter, improve the community and fight new problems, such as graffiti and household hazardous waste collection needs.

Now, 10 years since its inception, the program has made strides to reach its goals and has become an award-winning program - this year taking second place in the Governor’s Community Achievement Awards.

By holding different programs throughout the year, Keep Roswell Beautiful has been able to involve 15 percent of the community in its activities and we hope to grow.

Julie Marie Brown
KRB Coordinator

President's Address ...

Welcome to our members!! We are so glad that you have chosen to be a part of Keep Roswell Beautiful.

We have one of the best programs in the state because of people like you who are renewing their personal commitment to the quality of life in Roswell. By working together there is no limit to the progress we can make in litter prevention and solid waste management, not to mention graffiti and planting trees!

We are proud of what we’ve achieved in the past, but we are even more enthusiastic about what lies ahead. Thank you for joining us!

"Don’t pass it up, pick it up!!"

Linda Belyeu
KRB President

Food for thought ...

I find in life that most affairs
that require serious handling are distasteful.
For this reason, I have always believed
that the successful man has the hardest battle
with himself rather than with the other fellow.
To bring one’s self to a frame of mind
and to the proper energy to accomplish things
that require plain hard work continuously
is the one big battle that everyone has.
When this battle is won for all time,
then everything is easy.

Thomas A. Buckner


Coordinator’s Corner ...


This seems to be the best adjective to describe the last six months of Keep Roswell Beautiful!! The biggest change was me replacing Gailanne Dill as coordinator. I really hope to do as wonderful a job as Gailanne, without losing a sense of myself. Everyone has been very patient and I appreciate all of the kind words.

There has also been another staff change. Ray Lujan, who was serving the program as a KRB Laborer, was promoted to Community Improvement Technician to help Charles Cobos with litter control, graffiti removal, recycling pick-ups and other beautification projects. Ray and Charles are both doing a great job, as is Holly Armstrong, KRB's summer intern from New Mexico State University.

Just a reminder to KRB members, don't forget to let the public know about the graffiti hotline. The number to call is 624-6700, Ext. 225.

Well, I need to wrap it up, but I want you all to know I am available to answer any questions you may have about the program or anything. If I do not know the answer, which is very probable, I will try to find out and get back to you. You can reach me or my machine at 624-6700, Ext. 293. I will call you back!!

Julie Marie Brown
KRB Coordinator

The Community Hero Award ...

Karen Cooper

Karen works in the City of Roswell’s Human Resources Department, but is always willing to lend a helping hand to the Keep Roswell Beautiful program. She helps coordinate the community service workers and helps with the staff when the coordinator is away. She also has great connections at Wal-Mart and K-mart and frequently manages to get paint donated to the program.

Thanks Karen for all you do!!

This award will be given every six months to someone who goes above and beyond to help the program stay the success that it is!!

KRB's Calendar of Events...

July 1997

July 1-6 UFO Festival/Litter Control

July 11 Governor’s Award Presentation

July 15 Board Meeting

August 1997

August 7-8 Coordinator’s meeting/Tucumcari

August 19 Board Meeting

September 1997

Sept. 12-14 Pinanta Fest/Litter Control

Sept. 12-16 Governor’s Trek for Trash

Sept. 13 Adopt-a-Highway

Sept. 16 Board Meeting

Gus Macker/Litter Control

October 1997

Oct. 21 Board Meeting

Sept. 27-Oct. 6 Eastern New Mexico State Fair

-Educational Booth

-Parade/Litter Control

November 1997

Nov. 1 Hazardous Waste Collection

Nov. 21 KRB annual awards

Nov. 18 Board Meeting

December 1997

KAB Convention

Dec. 16 Board Meeting


Keep Roswell Beautiful
425 N. Richardson Ave.
Post Office Box 1838
Roswell, New Mexico 88202-1838

(505) 624-6700, Ext. 293