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The Human Resources Department provides human resources and employee/retiree insurance services for the City of Roswell involving 72 departments which cover a wide variety of activities that affect every citizen.

Human Resources administers the application process for employment with the City of Roswell as well as the transfer/promotion process for our employees. The processes include preparing job postings, maintaining employment applications as well as the processing of the paperwork necessary to hire a new employee or transfer/promote a current employee. In 1997 we processed 2,836 applications which is a significant increase over previous years. From the applications we received in 1997, we hired 80 Full and Part-Time employees and 123 Temporary employees. As part of the application process, we maintain the computerized applicant tracking for each application we receive.

Human Resources maintains the computerized employment records for over 550 employees which is coordinated with benefits such as retirement, deferred compensation and employee insurance. Human Resources is also responsible for the maintenance of each employee’s official personnel file. We administer the eligibility for group life, health, dental and vision insurance for our employees as well as for our retirees. In addition, we are responsible for administering COBRA for post-employment insurance continuation.

Human Resources acts as advisor to our employees, management, retirees and the general public on human resource issues. We assist with the Labor Management Relations Board as well as the administration of three collective bargaining agreements.


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