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The Roswell Fire Department delivers public safety services to the residents of Roswell through six (6) stations. These services include: public education, fire safety inspection, arson investigation, fire suppression, emergency medical services, aircraft rescue and fire fighting, and hazardous materials response. Fire and rescue services are initiated through the 911 fire dispatch center located at the Roswell Police Department. The Fire Department maintains an inventory of 25 apparatus including pumpers, airport crash trucks, aerial units, brush trucks, staff vehicles and other specialty equipment.

For calendar year 1996, the department responded to 4032 calls for assistance. Of those calls, approximately 80% were for medical emergencies. The remaining 20% consisted of fires, hazardous materials responses, air craft emergencies and other responses.

The Fire Department reached the fiscal year's goal to acquire two additional full time personnel in the Fire Prevention Bureau to effectively deal with fire code enforcement, fire/arson investigations, public education, prefire planning and plans review.

Additionally, $109,324.77 refurbished Engine #6, and $141,014.02 purchased a new medium duty rescue unit.

The department officers received training on "customer service." The Fire Department's customers include each other as internal customers and external customers which include patients, victims of fire or disasters, business owners dealing with fire code issues, other city departments and the City's administrative staff. Last November, KBIM-TV and Farmer's Insurance Group initiated a fund drive for $25,000 to purchase a Cairns Infra Red Imaging System for the department. In 10 short weeks the community responded overwhelmingly and the Cairns IRIS was received and is now in service.

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