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Partners Against Crime
Mentoring Program

Partners against crime is a program area within the national non-profit corporation Volunteers in Prevention, Probation and Prisons, Inc. (VIP)

PAC Mission: Given the dignity, value and potential of every person, Partners Against Crime has the mission of reducing juvenile repeat crime by providing positive mentoring relationships for juvenile offenders. Through PAC trained community volunteer mentors, juvenile offenders are provided friendship and guidance, and are encouraged toward constructive attitudes, behaviors and practical life skills.

The need is critical for the jurists of our courts to have viable sentencing alternatives that have proven to help young offenders. The Partners Against Crime (PAC) program meets this challenge by being the conduit through which committed individuals can reach out to juvenile offenders to affect positive behavioral changes. Through the PAC program, the community can form successful partnerships with the court to impact positively on the developmental needs and the social environment of young offenders.

PAC’s success depends upon dedicated, trained one-to-one mentors; volunteers who are matched with young offenders ordered to participate in PAC. Mentors meet with assigned mentees consistently on a weekly basis, with the objective of creating a friendly, helping relationship. Through this emerging friendship, the mentee’s attitude and behavior changes, helping to keep the mentee from becoming a repeat offender.

If you are interested in becoming a PAC volunteer, please contact Gary Parmley at the Roswell Municipal Court Tel (505) 624-6725, to obtain an application.