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This department's primary function is to enforce many sections within the Municipal Code. In addition, they have enforcement responsibility for many sections in the Zoning Ordinance. The most commonly known sections deal with weeds. Code Enforcement also enforces abandoned vehicles on private property, unsanitary premises, abandoned refrigerators, business licenses, landscaping noncompliance, and operating business without licenses to name only a few.

Coupled with Code Enforcement is Building and Plumbing Inspections. These two positions are responsible for conducting inspections (building and plumbing) of new structures, remodels, dilapidated structures, sewer leaks, etc. The two inspectors derive their authority from New Mexico Construction Industries Division through the inspector certification process. Both work closely with the state and provide appropriate assistance. The Building Inspector is in a member of the Americans With Disability Task Force. The purpose of the task force is to educate the community in Americans With Disability Act (ADA) requirements. The US Department of Justice is charged, by federal statute, with the enforcement of ADA.

The goal of both activities is to ensure contractors follow accepted construction codes, improve the quality of life, and make our community a pleasant and attractive place to live. This is accomplished first by attempting to obtain voluntary compliance and if this fails, criminal/civil charges are brought against the violators in a court of competent jurisdiction. Both entities work closely together in the achievement of their mutual and individual goals.

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